Posted by: Leah | August 24, 2008

There are only so many tomorrows

Tito Manny had a heart and lung transplant about 2 years ago. A couple of days ago, I read a prayer request in my email requesting for his quick recovery. According to the email, he was taken to the hospital and flatlined. He was fine but his kidney failed. This gave me a strange feeling.

Tonight as I read my email, I am saddened to read that he has passed away Saturday afternoon.

Tito Manny devoted his life to serving God. I know that wherever he is now, he is at peace and happy to hold the welcoming hands of the Divine creator. If you like to read about his story, please visit this link. He wrote this sharing about second chance in the Couples for Christ newsletter.

Incidentally, I saw him a few weeks ago during a funeral for a friend’s father. He delivered a small speech about him. He said something like this “We are all going where you went, its just you were called earlier than us”

Tito Manny, you left earlier than us too. Till we meet again, goodbye ! You are a good man, a good friend and you will be missed!



  1. hey leah, our sincerest condolences on your loss. may your tito rest in peace.

    thanks Caryn, even though Tito Manny is not a relative, I consider a tito for sure.

  2. All my condolences! We’ve have a sudden loss in the family recently and I know how you feel ! I am sure CFC in Marseilles is updated about this ! All my prayers .

    Thanks Haze, my condolences to you too.

  3. I am currently reading a book Love in the Time of Cholera, in first few pages, it’s all about dying and there’s paragraph there that really struck me because I fear death.

    But yeah, your uncle was right, we are all going to where Jesus went…That should make me tough.

    My condolences to you and your family Ms. Leah.

  4. hayyy… death makes me sad..but my lolo said, we should all be happy! kasi matatapos na paghihirap niya sa mundo.. hayyy///

  5. being less than 1 year in the CFC community, am sure the impact of Bro Manny’s death has provided inspiration to many members to offer their lives for the service of the Lord. and really really offer it without strings attached, the kind of love that is unconditional – the same love God gives us everyday.

  6. I’m sorry about your loss. It’s sad to lose someone special and look up to.

  7. May the Lord grant him eternal rest….

  8. my heartfelt condolence Leah, i’m sorry for your loss. and yes, what a comfort to bid our departed loved ones, “till we meet again.”

  9. My condolences to you and your family. the article is really beautiful.

  10. So sorry to hear about your loss Leah. My thoughts are with you and his family.

  11. Hi Leah, so sorry to hear about your Tito’s passing. But it is always a comfort to know that he is going to a better place everyone looks forward to going to as well.

  12. your uncle is a good man, and in God’s eyes, He will not forget the things your uncle did in His name.

    He deserve a hope of an enternal life, a ressurection in paradise new earth, as Jesus promised when he

    His name is worth remembering because of his good deeds.

  13. condolence, Leah, your Tito Manny is already rested. besides, admittedly, all of us have that destination–when we start our eternal life with the almighty Father. Hugs, and super God bless

  14. sorry for the loss of your Tito Manny… tama, una-unahan lang yan.
    may he rest in peace.

  15. Hi Leah, my bestfriend’s dad just passed away too, and i know the family is grieving, but at peace their dad was, I know. He went to slumber, but a deep slumber. My bestfriend could not cope on the fact that her closest relative just went away like that, but it was a good thing he had his rest. He was pained while he was still alive, physically, and i guess i was a soulful rest.

    Nice blog here, just dropping by!

  16. condolence to you and your relatives leah.
    my prayers go out to all of you.

  17. Sad to hear about his passing .. may he rest in peace. My condolences.

  18. Condolences to you, Leah. Dropping by from your comment on my blog. Hope to visit again soon, in happier times.

  19. So sorry for the loss of your Tito, Leah. But as you say our tomorrows are limited. I am sure your Tito, frail as his health had become, lived a full life.

  20. Hi Leah, I’m sorry to hear about your Tito Manny. At least you can rest assured that he is at peace in a better place. Lately, I have been having this feeling of dread and impending doom whenever I hear of, or see people around me pass on. You’re right, there are only so many tomorrows. I feel time slipping through my fingers…. geez, I’m too young to be having a mid-life crisis!

    Anyways, sorry we weren’t able to have that bbq over the summer. My mom was sick for almost a month. She had cellulitis (leg infection) and was on IV antibiotics for a couple of weeks. Hopefully next summer. Take care and regards to A and Sam.

  21. My sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to you and your family. That was some farewell, him even delivering a funeral speech weeks before he himself died.

  22. I am so sorry for your loss. Your words speak eloquently about the kind of life he lived and the legacy he left behind.

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