Posted by: Leah | September 4, 2008

Nail art party

My daughter attended a birthday party a month or so ago. They went to a nail salon and had their nails painted and even designed.

I took some photos and I thought it was such a cool idea. The girls had a blast.

And so when everyone was done, they all walked back home to the celebrant’s house and partied out some more.

Me? I walked with them to the salon but I stayed back later to have my own pedicure. Nice!



  1. That’s a cool nail design Leah. Did you have yours designed with those flowery stuffs too?

  2. that’s cool. i was doing those kinds of nail designs when i was in college, uso kasi nun..

  3. That is such a clever party idea. Iba na talaga ang mga parties ngayon ano?

    Here medyo nauuso din yung magspa muna ang mga guests with the birthday celebrant before dinner.

    We have heard of mahjong parties, pahula (tarot card parties), swimming parties, beach parties. But a scrabble party is what we will have when you and Gina come.

  4. Hi Leah!!

    Musta na?its been a while,on and off kasi ako sa blogsophere.thanx for the dalaw 🙂

    wow,kikay pati na rin pala mga bata,nag papa nail salon na rin?whew!

    but they all look cool in them!

    happy weekend!!


  5. Oh, those little ladies must have had a lot of fun!

    Pretty nails!

  6. Just read MCs comment, scrabble party is a cool idea. I wouldn’t mind the mahjong party either. 😉

  7. that is cool!

  8. I have been longing to have that nail designed polish, gusto ko yan ! Cool indeed 😉 !

  9. oo nga, iba na ang mga children parties ngayon 🙂

  10. very nice, i want a daughter too, the activities you can do together are endless! 🙂

    i’ve only had one professional mani/pedi by the way, on my wedding day. after that, my nails are as plain as ever. 🙂

  11. sorry , i forgot to fill in my data, i was shocked my name’s anonymous. 🙂

  12. That is so cute! I wish I had steady hands to do my own nail art!

  13. oy…that’s cute..and hard to do for little kids’ have to be very artistic!

  14. Oh, cool! My eldest girl would love this! How old is your daughter?

    Love the nail art…

  15. this is a great party concept!!! 🙂 let’s do it for grown-ups too! 😛

  16. Jean, my wife loves painting her nails. I know she would love to do that to a daugter too if we will ever have one, other than the precious boy we have now. 🙂

    Lovely, lovely colours.

  17. nice 🙂
    nagulat ako sa “sulatroniko” at “pooksasapot”… how very original 🙂

  18. So cool! I wish we had those when I was a kid. I need to get myself artificial nails just so I can paint them. 🙂

  19. btw, changed my blog name for the nth time. 🙂 – Tani

  20. That’s fun! What a cool birthday party. I love how fun kiddie parties are nowadays.

  21. They shouldn’t have gone to the salon. Instead, they could have declared the birthday party as manicure party and paint their nails like crazy. I think that would be fun for the girls. Haha.

  22. naku ang mga dalaginding…nagkulay na ng kanilang mga kuko. ang saya siguro nila 🙂

  23. naalala ko tuloy bigla si jolina magdangal nung kabataan nya hehehe.

  24. Sus, ganda naman ng comment box mo: ang inyong mga puna… Ang iyong tugon…
    Napakalalim na tagalog, pero, korek at malalim…

    Ok eto na puna ko, hehe.
    AKO RINnnnn ganda.
    Never ako nag papamanikyur dito sa France, ksi mahal. Sa pinas ako gawa nun, if nakauwi.HAHA

  25. heehee. that is soooo kikay leah! 😉 love the colors!

  26. this is cool sis, i love the idea of this kikay stuff, li’l miss will surely love it

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