Posted by: Leah | September 26, 2008

A concert and a meet

Gina was so excited about getting tickets for the Main Event concert, she had to share her excitement with me. It was so contagious, I caught the excitement fever and passed it on to my sister and cousin as well. And so for the second time around, Gina and I met once again. This time in a concert venue. Gina and Tony were a delight to see again. Despite the hassles of downtown driving and being unable to be there for our dinner rendezvous, we managed to catch each other a few minutes before the show started and agreed to meet later for an after-show review , chit-chat and nourishment. All in all, meet plus the concert – rating is 5 out 5.

Lani Misalucha and Regine Velasquez were really great. I enjoyed the performances tremendously. This is the first time I’ve seen Lani perform and I am impressed. Regine as usual is amazing. Her voice is beautiful.

Here are some video clips from the show. Will post photos of our EB later.

Lani Misalucha

Regine Velasquez


  1. wow. lani misalucha is such a versatile performer! 😉

    hi caryn
    oo nga, she is an awesome performer. Really enjoyed it a lot

  2. I just really hope that Filipino artists will come to France hay ! I like both of them, they’re but Lani Misalucha is really versatile 😀 dami na rin kasing ka boses ni Regine ngayon eh !

    Hi Haze,
    i heard that Papa P is going to Nice .. check it out here:

    Hopefully you can catch their European tour

  3. I should make it a point to watch Lani Misalucha in concert too. Iba sya talaga! Did she sing “Tila?” — that’s the best I’ve ever heard from her.

    It must have been a contest of divas and birit queens!

    Now looking for the Piolo book .. nasa power books daw.

    Hi annamanila,
    You should! Hopefully she will have more performances in Pinas. i heard she’s in Vegas for a while.
    Lani and Regine sang a combo song of Tila and Buhos ng Ulan (not sure if that is the title). It was really good.
    Looking forward to the book. miss ko na si Papa P eh.

  4. It must have been a wonderful concert. Thanks for sharing those great video clips.

    Hi Rachel,
    it was really a great time and I’m glad you enjoyed the videos. Thanks to Misyel for uploading

  5. I like Lani Misalucha, but not much on Regine Velasquez. Thanks for sharing the files.

    Happy Monday!

    hi Sheng,
    thank you din. Gina is a big fan of Lani. I like them both

  6. ahhh! ang linis kumanta ni regine! such an amazing voice! thanks for sharing 🙂

    shes really one of kind! Hail the Queen! 🙂

    I agree! Thanks anonymous!

  7. again in our neighborhood! and we were so busy to go!!! sayang…

    sino si Ate Cherry sa video? hahaha

    Hi Junnie!
    sayang..sige next time, kelangan i-plan di ba?
    You are such a kin observer/listener…Ate Cherry is my SIL..incidentally its her birthday today..Happy Birthday ate Cherry! She has a beautiful singing voice too.

  8. Leah!

    I got all your wonderful goodies! You made my day. I blogged about it on my site. Thank you, thank you!

    goody…good to know. Thanks for letting me know J

  9. I can’t watch the video, maybe tom panoorin ko..sana nakakapagdrive na ko para join ako sa panonood mo ng concert 🙂

  10. Sounds like you had a marvelous time 🙂 Have a good week!

  11. I like Lani better. Such powerful voice! Regine always makes birit. Whenever I try listening to 1 Regine album I get a headache.

  12. hmm, do you know if there are fipilino performers coming over in dublin? 😀

    lani looks very different na, in a way that i like by the way. gorgeous!

  13. eyeball with concert… kakainggit!
    ang galing nilang dalawa 🙂

  14. wow.. what a combination and a rare treat – Regine and Lani ! I have watched their concerts separately. Both excellent singers 🙂

  15. i wish i can watch a concert like this one day…

  16. Parehong magaling ang dalawang yan, ang tataas ng boses. Lalo na si Lani.

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