Posted by: Leah | October 8, 2008

monster trucks, motorcycles, elephant and Elvis









  1. Monster trucks rawk! The tomboy in me is squealing with delight. Rar!

    Hi Sinta,
    You betcha we were squealing in excitement too.

  2. Oooh I’ve never been to a show like this. 🙂

    Hi Toni,
    Wasnt really expecting this show when we went to the fair. It was a good surprise. Exciting pala to watch this in person. Most often, I only see this on TV or in the movies.

  3. adrenaline- pumping monster trucks! saw them last year at the palace of auburn hills.

    di mo inuwi yung elephant to add to your collection? 🙂

    Hi mitsuru,
    It sure was – kakaibang experience.
    oo nga ano, the elephant would have been a good addition…lol

  4. hindi ko yata kayang panoorin yan lol!

    Hi manilenya!
    Hindi ah, yun mga bata ng enjoy na enjoy eh….I’m sure ikaw rin.

  5. wow… amazing leaps ! Was that your family riding the elephant? hmmmm… where was this event held? Looks like a great party 🙂

    hi bw,
    I did not know the guy on the elephant. His son was in front. I was in the middle and my daughter and my niece behind me. It was a $6 per person ride. It was worth it for the experience and the photo op, I guess.

    This event happens once a year at the Markham Fairgrounds (McCowan and 16th Ave). Maybe you can can it next year.

  6. wow, ka-exciting naman ng mga shots na yan! 😉

    hi caryn,

    yes, definitely exciting. thanks

  7. mukhang exciting manuod nang ganyan, parang doble doble ang pagpump ng dugo….

    siguro kung ako yan the whole show nakatakip ang aking kamay sa aking mata pero nakasilip din naman hehehhhe

    hi cielo,
    oo nga, i think my daughter was like that, closing her eyes, kuno. Actually they had there hands on there ears kasi it was really loud.

  8. Wow. Walang ganyan dito. I am sure my family would be delighted. Pero ako, kontento na ako kay Elvis. But where is he? Has he left the building?

    Hi annamanila,
    Nagulat nga rin ako when we found out there was a show like this at the fair. We were just looking forward to rides and games. For sure, delighted ang mga bata. I’m sure yoo will be too if and when a show like this comes to your town. Nope, Elvis is here to stay. I dont think he’ll ever go. lol

  9. Wow… that looks dangerous…but fun !

    Hi Sidney,
    are you back to the blogging world? Fun and danger, good combination, right?

  10. Great shots ! I’d like to try that too 😀 !

    This is Haze, Leah 😀 ! Changed my URL please update na lang po 😉 ! Take care !

    Hi Haze,
    I’ve updated your link na. Hope you’re doing fine.

  11. wow ang galing! lalo na yung 4th pic– ala -evil knievel !
    I wonder how it felt to ride that elephant? must be fun 🙂

    Hi Pining,
    The elephant ride was fun, the back was really hard despite the cushion and the blanket. I bet it had really thick skin. I felt its cartilage or was that bones moving. The one round ride was suffice for me. I can just imagine how it is for those people n India or Africa that rides elephants for a living.

  12. It must have been a fun day! Balang araw, gusto ko ring makasakay sa elepante 😉 just for the experience! Coz I think it must have been a little uncomfortable on top.

    Hi Gina, you are correct. Check my comments above re: pining’s comment.
    Someday, you’ll find out, I’m sure.

  13. i want to see those motorcycles and monster trucks in action too! 🙂

    hi chichung,
    when you do get the chance, grab it. Amazing stunts!

  14. Parang nakakatakot panoorin yan although exciting din. Wala bang nasasaktan?

    Hi ann,
    Exciting naman. Wala naman nasaktan. They were all professionals and may medic naman sa tabi, just in case.

  15. nice huh, gusto ko rin watch niyan…

    hi sheng,
    hope you get the chance to watch this kind of show soon. Exciting kasi.

  16. wow, the motorcycle stunt is amazing!
    it reminds me of my brothers, the motocycle enthusiasts. 🙂

    hi odette,
    motocycle enthusiasts pala ang mga brothers mo, I’m sure they will enjoy this kind of show

  17. wow~ Canadians do this stunt? hahahah. i thought we’re too mellow to doing dangerous stuffs hahahah…

    Hi Junnie,
    Yes, there were some Canadians in the show although most are imports from the States. The one from Oshawa did pretty well.

  18. Wow, amazing shots! It must be exciting to watch a show like that.

  19. You captured the bicycle rider in mid-air well. Nice shot.

  20. grabe! ingay siguro dito! hehehe :0

  21. COOL! where was that?

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