Posted by: Leah | December 3, 2008

Being crafty and some crafty loot

Being crafty
I have been in my crafty mood lately. Since my first creative swap was a success (I somehow forgot to take photos for that), the second one is quite a challenge. So I have been in a tinkering attitude lately. I wanted to start knitting again and was hoping to make a pidge (buttoned) scarf. Sinta and Odette definitely inspired me to start knitting again.

The last time I knitted was in high school for a scarf project. Thanks to the internet I was able to re-learn the “how to” of starting to knit.

Here’s what I’ve started.

And here’s the finished product. I decided that this first knitting project to be for my daughter. I will attempt the pidge scarf next time.
my first scarf project

With the 2nd exchange of the creative swap, I decided to make key chains and book marks.

crocheted bookmark with beads ribbon bookmark with beads key chain4 key chain_b
I hope my craft swap partner will like these.

Some crafty loot
And today, I got a nice surprise in the mail. I got my swap loot from the creative swap.
my loot

Caryn of Sari-saring Kulay gifted me with these pretty earrings. The beads are made of clay which Caryn made herself. i love all of them. the blue ones are for my daughter and she loves them too. Her ears are not yet pierced but after seeing these earrings, she is convinced she wants them pierced now. I am hoping she will go through this time.
earrings and card

And I got this pretty charm i will be putting on my cell phone. The twisted beads are detachable so I might used it as a bag accesory.

And then there’s some coffee and tea. Looking forward to having them soon.
coffee and tea

I love the card, the beads and the box too. Thanks Caryn.
beads the pretty box

**When you click on the photos it will bring you to my flickr page. You can view the largerr size there.



  1. That’s a lovely scarf ^_^ Yay, more knitters! Can’t have too many of them 🙂 It’s very therapeutic. I need to find time and finish my other scarf before Christmas! Nice swap haul ^_^

  2. Kumusta Leah? Wowee! Love the scarf you made for your daughter. All the trinkets are sooo cute! I wish hand the patience for making a scarf. Maybe you will be able to inspire me to pick up the knitting needles.
    Have a great day! Take care,

  3. I love scarf It’s so lovely. I think I’ll give knitting a shot. 🙂

    Your goodies are so pretty. I am so sure the partner will be happy!

    I love those clay earrings. Galing galing….

  4. kewl, I love getting stuff in the mail 🙂 You’re so creative Leah! nice scarf…. watching people knit makes me dizzy. I can never figure out how they do it.

  5. Leah, you make it look so simple, but of course it’s NOT! Galing galing.

  6. Wow, inggit ako sa talent mo…crafts are one area my IQ is sub zero..kahit na origami na step by step with pictures di kaya ng powers ko..duh..hehe.

  7. you’re very creative Leah 🙂
    I used to knit as well, until I got a bit fed up with it (was able to finish a scarf, mind you)
    the jewelries are lovely 🙂

  8. I envy you for being creative Leah! You see, knitting needs patience and I don’t. I know how to knit but I really have a poor imagination hay. Though I grew up with my Mom who’s a professional dressmaker I have learned to sew a bit 😉 !

    I love the scarf you made!

  9. lovely scarf.

  10. ahhhh inggit naman ako. I believe I’m good in cross stitching but I never learned how to knit. I remembering doing it to during my elementary days in my Home Economics class but I don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t too interested.

    But’re good. Baka next time you will be able to make a sweater na. That would be very cool!

  11. wow! how I wish I have ample time for crafts like you. Ganda naman!
    Happy holidays!

  12. I always put women who knit in the highest regard. More often than not, they are the patient kind both in the said craft and other stuff. 🙂

  13. i like the color purple. its daw the color of the year.

    and, bago na avatar ko. iwas me ma clone even sa posting comments to bloggers.

    bon fetes!

  14. lovely bookmarks, beads and boxes! i love them all! i bet you are really patient, and very creative aswell!

  15. really nice crafts! Knitting is a great hobby. Now you can knit your hubby a toque 🙂

  16. ang galing naman. gusto ko din matuto… 🙂

  17. this is one thing i can never, ever, learn even my life’s depending on it hehehe. aside from not having the patience, it’s just too complicated, but my mom, like you, is good at it. she made some 20 something bags to wrap our wedding giveaways.

    knitting is such a labor of love.

  18. Hi Leah, just wanted to send you Christmas love! And more creative vibes, so you can keep working on those pretty scarves!

  19. Very pretty key fobs – they cost a fortune to buy in Accessorize.

  20. i’m inot knitting too, and I love it.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family

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