Posted by: Leah | January 1, 2009

Happy New Year




  1. Happy New Year Leah! Wishing you the best of 2009. Thanks for the e-card. Take care,

  2. Happy New Year Leah!

    I love these snowflakes in your template. 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by. Happy New year to you Leah and your family.

  4. I was darn cold but fun wasn’t it ? 😆

    Happy New year to you and your family. Wish you more prosperity and abundance for this new year 🙂

  5. here’s to a blessings-filled new year, leah 🙂

  6. may this new year bring more blessings and opportunities for greatness your way 🙂

  7. Happy New Year Leah! Wishing you all the best in 2009. God bless.

  8. leah, visiting here, it’s been a long while since i last came to hop here. Thanks for the e-card. Happy New Year!

  9. all the best!

  10. Hi, Leah. Thanx for the greetings card. Best of luck for 2009 and years beyond…

  11. Hi Leah,

    Happy New Year!!I wish you all the best and happiness not only this year but the coming years to come!!

  12. A Happy and Prosperous New Year to us.

  13. Happy New Year Leah and cheers to 2009 ! Loved the animated card 😀 !

  14. Happy New Year!

  15. Happy New Year Leah!
    Here’s to more inspired blogging in 2009!

  16. hey, leah! first off, belated merry christmas and a happy new year!

    thank you for the wonderful card. hadnt had the time to reciprocate. but i appreciate it very much. 🙂

    all the best for you this year!

  17. Happy weekend,Leah!

  18. Happy New Year ! I wish you all the best for 2009!

  19. Anonymous = Sidney
    Sorry about that….

  20. Happy New Year Leah! Sorry it’s so late, I’ve been really toxic in the offline world. Hope your holidays were great and hope your new year is starting off great!

  21. allo allo? il ya quel’un? (tao po…)

    ako to, practicing my french, hehe.

  22. Hi Leah 🙂
    hope you had the best(est) start to the new year!
    sorry a bit late, I was hibernating as well (it’s the winter blues) ; thanks for the fantastic new year e card, btw 🙂

  23. Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year. Warm hugs and greetings!

    Your online pal,
    Massa P

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