Posted by: Leah | May 14, 2009

Handwriting analysis

I’ve had this article stash out in my archive emails for a while now. I always thought it could be a good point of discussion someday. Well, today is that someday.

Not a lot of people write anymore with a pen and paper. Most of our letter or correspondence are through emails and we simply use the computer to write. However, for the few that still do, here are ….

10 Secrets Your Handwriting Might Reveal

Ever wonder what your handwriting says about you? A lot, a graphologist would say–and chances are, not all of it would be pretty. To give you a taste of the messages you may be sending every time you write a note, we’ve put together a list of ten handwriting secrets in the graphologist’s sack. Be warned, though: Graphology is too complex to be boiled down into universal nuggets. So, take these with a grain of salt (and don’t break out your prison flip-flops just yet).
1. Are your Us and Ws rounded on their bottoms? You’re sensitive and maybe poetic.
2. Do you cross your Ts in the middle or at the top? The lower you cross your T, the less ambition you have.
3. Do you loop your Cs at the top? Then, to quote Carly Simon, you’re so vain.
4. Are your As and Os tightly closed? Perhaps you’re hiding something.
5. Do your letters slant every which way? If so, then yikes. Only 10 percent of the general population has a wobbly slant–compared with 70 to 80 percent of convicted felons.
6. Do you have the “felon’s claw”? It’s another hallmark of the criminal, and it occurs when you bring a letter straight down, then attach a claw-shaped curve to its end–say when you’re writing the lowercase y.
7. Is your signature different from your regular handwriting? Then perhaps you’re putting on an act.
8. Do the connecting swoops between your letters droop? Maybe you have a martyr complex, and are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
9. Is your handwriting spiky and angular? Relax. There’s no need to be so tense.
10. Are your letters a bit squatty? If they’re biggest in the middle zone, and don’t extend much up or below the baseline, then you’re perhaps a bit childish. The Disney logo, based on Walt Disney’s handwriting, is a good example of this.



  1. reading the guide:
    1. i am sensitive and sometimes poetic
    2. i have an ambition not so high
    3. i am not vain
    4. i maybe hiding something he he
    5. not so slanted
    6. i can be a felon???
    7. am not putting on an act
    8. i am definitely not a martyr
    9. i am not tense
    10. i am not childish

    what do all these make of me??

  2. haha, I need to look at my handwriting a little more closely!

  3. Hi Leah, I’ve changed my link 😀 ! This is quite interesting, will try mine ! Glad to see you blogging again. Take care.

  4. What about when the crosses on your T are a meter off-spot? And so are the dots on your I’s? That’s how I write, and the worse part of it is that it is barely legible even to me.

    This is very interesting Leah.

    How you.

  5. All 10 secrets mentioned above are true to the last word. The method used here is the trait-stroke analysis. Good work!

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