Posted by: Leah | June 13, 2010

50 years

June 1st 1960 – that’s the day my parents got married. and you can say…the rest is history!

Marking this important event in their life, the kids (yes – all 6 of us) together with the spouses and all the grandchildren prepared , organized and mitigated the event to remember such momentous event.

After months and months of preparation, weeks and weeks of practices and endless nights of editing, tweaking , hair pulling and everything else, the event came. Uncles and cousins from Miami , New york and Montreal came. Brother and family from California spent bonding time with siblings . All in alll……? It was a success. I asked my Nanay if she was having fun…and she said yes. I asked Tatay if he was happy and he said yes. What else can I ask for.

Thank God it only happens once in a lifetime!!!!

Happy 50th my dear parents! We love you!!!

more photos posted in Facebook



  1. They both look good ! CONGRATULATIONS to them on their 50th Anniversary!

  2. thanks Gina

  3. Not all couple can make it to 50 years. Congratulations to them…

    • thanks Dodong

  4. Leah! It’s been too long…. and I’m late leaving this comment, but happy belated anniversary to your mom and dad…

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