Posted by: Leah | September 18, 2011

repost- Tatay’s 70th birthday 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Si Tatay

My Tatay (father) turns 70 today.

My father came from a big family. His father had quite a few wives so he has a lot of half-sisters and half-brothers as well. Good thing he did not turn out to be a ladies man like his father. He has always been a loyal husband and a loyal father. I never met his father nor his mother – my grand parents – since my father was orphaned really young. He is the youngest in his family so he came to his sisters as his mother/father figure.

My father is a great disciplinarian. He had this special call//whistle done thru his tongue/mouth and when we heard this loud shrilly sound, we’d all come running home from wherever we were. He made sure we had dinners togeher and had outings as well.

I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl. I remember telling off my mother to my dad as soon as he comes in the door after a day’s work. When asked who I loved more (they always ask that when you are small). My answer would alway be “Tatay” ofcourse. Whenever he would ask me to ran an errand for him (e.g. buy a few sticks of cigarettes – Hope was the brand name I always bought for him then), I always end up with a few loose change in my pocket. And whenever I’d ask for money, he’d simply put his hand in his pocket and give to me whatever is there. He was a generous man and still is.

I think he showed me off to his co-workers then as well. The stories were ridiculous so I’d rather not publish anything about it here. As far as I know, it just shows how proud he is of me.

Tatay used to have luscious and thick black hair. I remember how shiny and sticky it was. He used a lot of pomade then. Now, its thinned out and you can see more of his head. I’ve always thought that I got my hair genes from my Tatay. I just hope mine doesn’t thin out like his did.

Speaking of hair, Tatay is a great barber. He does not do it for a living but he cuts every guy’s hair in our family (except my husband’s – I guess, hubs is too scared my dad will cut something else, he!he!). Even his friends come to him for their regular hair cut. Hey, I think he even gets paid sometimes.

In the process of migrating here to Canada , the medical tests showed a few irregulaities in his lungs and that was the end of his smoking. He dropped it just like that and I am so happy he did. Oh, the sacrifices you do for your family. I guess, he really wanted all of us to live a good life. Well, that’s how its always been perceived…life in the Western world is more prosperoous. But that’s not what my post is about, so …let me go on.

On our 2nd year here, he had a heart attack which thank God was only mild but nonetheless, it has brought him so much pain and the on set of athritis, high blood pressure and diabetis came as well. So now, he takes different kinds of pills everyday. I am just thankful that he is still with us today and celebrating his life with his children and grand children all together.

We’ve been planning to get a big party going for him but it fell under the cracks . So the family decided to give him a surprise gift instead. A trip to Las Vegas for him and my mother.

Today however, we will have a small impromptu get together and greet him with lots of hugs and kisses.

So to you Tatay, I love you and may you stay longer and live a healthier senior life.

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